Monthly Archives: January 2012

31 days!!


Yippee! I have posted consistently for 31 days! Proud of my self!

Pic of Ganpati made out of towels in a hotel I visited!


A pattern of flowers


Rangoli – it’s made with powdered colors and with fresh flowers!
Requires patience and talent 😉 (I don’t make rangolis) 😀




Clowns arent scary.. I think they are just strange. I have never understood them, but they can make me uncomfortable sometimes. 🙂



I was thinking about this.. in the weather here – I don’t need extra help with composting but what do I do after! and doesn’t all our waste get treated anyways?

I think I need to look into sustainability practices of our Municipality and create some sort of awareness.. Inertia needs to go!

Happy Republic Day :)


I have never been able to exactly explain why we celebrate Republic Day,

I do enjoy the parade on TV every year! Here is the wikipedia link –

My grand dad passed away on this day too so its more of a day to remember him as the awesome person he was! 🙂