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Still can’t used to it and still can’t drive a manual car!

I need this as a resolution too maybe a Month’s resolution only!

One of my OB professors did tell me I would be more efficient if I had shorter duration goals to accomplish! 🙂


Matrimandir – Auroville


Matrimandir - Auroville

I visited Auroville last month and also got a chance to go inside the golden Matrimandir. I am usually very open about religion and sprituality but this place confused me. I didnt “get it”.
Right after we came back Cyclone Thane hit the area and ravaged the land of Auroville.
The chairman of the Auroville foundation quoted this in his address to the Aurovillians –
“We were building an edifice to be the temple of our Mother’s worship—were
rearing her a new and fair mansion, a palace fit for her dwelling. It was then that He came
down upon us. He flung Himself upon the building we had raised. He shook the roof with
His mighty hands and part of the building was displaced and ruined. Why has He done
this? Repression is nothing but the hammer of God that is beating us into shape so that we
may be moulded into a mighty nation and an instrument for His work in the world. We are iron upon His anvil and the blows are showering upon us not to destroy but to re-create.
Without suffering there can be no strength,—without sacrifice there can be no growth.”
CWSA Vol.8, Karmayogin, Jhalakati Speech, page 37- 38