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Love to hate it or hate to love it? Everyone has a passionate reaction to it. 

Work email can be an entire post by itself so let’s not go there yet. 

Let’s just discuss our personal email accounts. How many do you have? At what frequency do you check them? What’s the point of it? At what frequency do people email you? 

I highlight people because I check email every 15 mins of my day when I am not sleeping. I can’t help it. It’s what I do (like breathing!) 😛 and once in a week or maybe ten days do I actually receive an email from another “human being”. A person, an acquaintance, a friend, a relative! I think email has become the snail mail of our parents time. We wait for it anxiously, we are happy to receive it and then we quickly respond to it and wait for the next email. Cycle continues… 

We do receive a lot of ” promotional” email. Lots and lots and lots of it. 

On a side note can I say people who have 2157 unread emails – you drive me nuts! Never let me see your inbox. mark them “Read” ASAP! 

Back to my inbox filled with promotional email – I delete the everyday ones, the random spam ones, the ones which say millions of pounds will be mine!  I open the ones from the brands I am loyal to, definitely open ones that say 75% off from brands I recognize and open the ones that I know send me recipes, or tips, or a an educational video!! Those are the ones I actually look forward to. 

I brought personal emails up because as a marketer it’s important to me. It’s our medium of reaching out to our customers and sadly we don’t do a good job with them. 

What kind of emails do you open? 


My “box” obsession



In the past month I have become extremely obsessed with “box” subscriptions of different types that are available.
A box subscription is when you sign up to receive a bunch of products (samples/ regular size) on a monthly basis for a fee.

In April I signed up for two subscriptions in two different countries. (Yes if u know me you know I can do weird things!)

My first subscription was Birchbox (US) that a friend subscribes to and the second subscription is Vellvette (India) that I found after research on “box” business model.

I received my Vellvette box recently and my Birchbox is coming with a friend traveling to India.

I will hopefully have another post about my Birchbox when it arrives. (Fingers crossed!)


My Vellvette box theme for this month was “organic” products which I was extremely happy about! I am big proponent of #organic #natural and sans paraben products. Apart from the box itself contained potpourri which was a good touch!


I received 4 products in all and the fourth product (a peach lipstick) is missing in these pictures because I shared it with a colleague. (Since its all a surprise, I think exchanging/ sharing the products also adds to the fun!)


There was also a free promotion of some collagen drink which am not sure what to do with right now but am sure will figure it out.


I am pretty pleased with my first ever box even though I could have done without all this extra stuff and simplified my life! 😛

My MBA brain is amazed with the marketing research / data collection opportunities with these tiny boxes and this growing community of women using social media/ blogs/ videos to give their opinion on “products”. There is so much useful data that companies can use and I hope they are paying attention.

If I was a cosmetic company, I would back these startups and promote the movement! It fascinates me!

Lets all pray I come back with pictures of my Birchbox and a comparison between Vellvette and Birchbox soon.