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My “box” obsession



In the past month I have become extremely obsessed with “box” subscriptions of different types that are available.
A box subscription is when you sign up to receive a bunch of products (samples/ regular size) on a monthly basis for a fee.

In April I signed up for two subscriptions in two different countries. (Yes if u know me you know I can do weird things!)

My first subscription was Birchbox (US) that a friend subscribes to and the second subscription is Vellvette (India) that I found after research on “box” business model.

I received my Vellvette box recently and my Birchbox is coming with a friend traveling to India.

I will hopefully have another post about my Birchbox when it arrives. (Fingers crossed!)


My Vellvette box theme for this month was “organic” products which I was extremely happy about! I am big proponent of #organic #natural and sans paraben products. Apart from the box itself contained potpourri which was a good touch!


I received 4 products in all and the fourth product (a peach lipstick) is missing in these pictures because I shared it with a colleague. (Since its all a surprise, I think exchanging/ sharing the products also adds to the fun!)


There was also a free promotion of some collagen drink which am not sure what to do with right now but am sure will figure it out.


I am pretty pleased with my first ever box even though I could have done without all this extra stuff and simplified my life! 😛

My MBA brain is amazed with the marketing research / data collection opportunities with these tiny boxes and this growing community of women using social media/ blogs/ videos to give their opinion on “products”. There is so much useful data that companies can use and I hope they are paying attention.

If I was a cosmetic company, I would back these startups and promote the movement! It fascinates me!

Lets all pray I come back with pictures of my Birchbox and a comparison between Vellvette and Birchbox soon.